Meniere’s Disease

My favorite site for medical explanations, the Mayo Clinic link to Meniere’s.

Click here to read my post about Meniere’s, “Why Won’t the Room Stop Spinning?”

The hardest part, for me, of living with Meniere’s is that it is completely unpredictable and totally debilitating when the vertigo attacks come. The day to day symptoms consist of periodic ringing in your ears of varying tones and loudness, a feeling of fullness and pressure that can sometimes be alleviated by “popping” your ears, and hearing loss. Fortunately for me these day to day symptoms have only proven to be a small annoyance. I am a happy camper as long as the vertigo stays away so I’m exceedingly glad when a little ringing in my ears is all I have to deal with. Just don’t be surprised if when speaking to me I have to ask you to repeat things a couple of times. Eh?

3 thoughts on “Meniere’s Disease

  1. Christina, my heart goes out to you- I have lived with Meniere’s for over thirty years … I am so sorry to hear that you also have this.
    My daughter was 3 months old and my son was two when I had my first attacks of vertigo. It was devastating. I had one surgery after another ..nothing seemed to help. I was also diagnosed with benign-inter-cranial hypertension (water on the brain). Finally..I started walking about 4 miles a day..stuck to a low salt, low sugar diet. Had several spinal taps to remove extra spinal fluid.. not a nice thing. But it worked. The more i walked, the more I wasn’t afraid of falling off the world. Finally, it seemed to be controlled. For me, diet and exercise was the key. Like you say, the ringing and noise in the ear is tolerable compared with the other symptoms. I wish you love and health…Love, Cindy (

    • Hi Cindy, thank you for your wonderful note. I am so sorry to hear all that you have suffered as well. It sounds like you’ve really had a rough go of it. I truly appreciate your prayers and support and may I offer the same back to you. Stina

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