Stina’s 366 Leap Year Days of Gratitude

Day 1 ~366 Leap Year Days of Gratitude

Day 2~Sleepless Nights

Day 3~Sundays

Day 4~Books

Day 5~Winter Break

Day 6~Failure

Day 7~Tissues

Day 8~Opportunity Knocks

Day 9~Laughter

Day 10~Scriptures

Day 11~School

Day 12~Mountain Home

Day 13~Piecemeal

Day 14~Princess Dainty Puff

Day 15~Flop Like a Fish

Day 16~Yoga

Day 17~Sacrifice

Day 18~Astronomy

Day 19~Freckles

Day 20~Prayer

Day 21~Friendship

Day 22~She Takes Me Apart …

Day 23~Relics

Day 24~Stolen Moments

Day 25~One Step

Day 26~Glad that’s over!

Day 27~Patience

Day 28~Motherhood

Day 29~A Reminder

Day 30~Bed!

Day 31~I made it!

Day 32~Snow

Day 33~Quiet Moments

Day 34~Clarity

Day 35~It could be worse!

Day 36~Hooray for the weekend!

Day 37~Finding A Piece of Myself

Day 38~Church

Day 39~zzzzz

Day 40~Good Looking Gravy

Day 41~Give Me Some Space

Day 42~Options

Day 43~Messy Moments

Day 44~Sick again, but I can take it

Day 45~I am my own Valentine

Day 46~Three-ish Gratefuls

Day 47~The “It” Crowd

Day 48~Opposites

Day 49~Sweet Peace

Day 50~Get Poked

Day 51~Tweet Tweet

Day 52~Naptime

Day 53~Me

Day 54~Modern Conveniences

Day 55~Glorious Sunrise

Day 56~Flaunt Your Flaws!

Day 57~Depression Lies

Day 58 ~Conquering Laundry

Day 59~Set Aside the Cares of the World

Day 60~One Lucky Momma

Day 61~Post Physics ADD

Day 62~Five Rights for One Wrong …

Day 63~Hairy Perspective

Day 64~Fatigue is a Dirty Word

Day 65~The Love of a Parent

Day 66~Eight Year Old Arms

Day 67~Mundane Monday

Day 68~Sarcasticosis?

Day 69~A Colorful Life

Day 70~Let’s Get Real

Day 71~Life in the Present

Day 72~Spring Has Sprung

Day 73~Bygones

Day 74~Winging It

Day 75~Golden Opportunities

Day 76~A Dinosaur’s Unmentionables

Day 77~All is Well

Day 78~Clear Blue

Day 79~Easter Bunny’s Coming Early

Day 80~Shifting Focus

Day 81~Inquiring Mind

Day 82~My Village People

Day 83~Knee Deep in Blessings

Day 84~Don’t Have to be Perfect

Day 85~ Chasing Your Dreams

Day 86~My Cup Is Full

Day 87~With His Wounds, I Am Healed

Day 88~When in Doubt, Pray it Out

Day 89~Viva la Cell Phone!

Day 90~They Call Her Mellow Yellow…

Day 91~Literally a Life Saver

Day 92~Havoc

Day 93~We’re Blue

Day 94~We All Stim

Day 95~I’m a Nice Person!

Day 96~How Smart Is Smart Anyway

Day 97~Innocence

Day 98~Honesty

Day 99~Patience

Day 100~Character Building

Day 101~Extreme Obedience

Day 102 ~My Brother, My Friend

Day 103~Power Over Your Circumstances

Day 104~Overly Polite

Day 105~Just Plain Fun

Day 106~Figuratively Speaking

Day 107~Music to My Ears

Days 108 and 109~Bound to Happen

Day 110 ~Another One Bites the Dust

Days 111, 112 ad 113~Three for One

Days 114, 115, and 116~Responsible, Supportive, Learner

Day 117~Everyday Heroes

Days 118, 119, 120, and 121~Not Entitled Yet, Privileged

Days 122 – 126 Well Then …

Days 127 – 129~Momma

Days 130, 131~Heartbreak and Perspective

Days 132-135~Sarcasm, Showering, and What-Not

Days 136 – 138~Wallowing, Friends, and Ballgames. Oh My!

Day 139~Homeostatically Speaking

Days 140 – 143~What Floats Your Boat?

Days 144 – 148~Don’t Get Me Started

Days 149 – 153~Can’t Forget the Sunscreen

Day 154~Meet the H.S.

Days 155-159~”Sheet” Faced

Days 160-187~Catching Up

Days 188 – 212~Keep on, Keepin’ On

Days … thru … Let it Be

Days … I’m not sure, through I don’t care anymore … ~ So, That Happened

The End!