My name is Christina but most people call me by my Swedish nickname, Stina. How to sum up a life in a few short sentences? Not possible! However, here goes… I’m a forty… um… something… year-old, single mother of 2 boys. I love to embrace any opportunity to expand my horizons through education. I have an Associate in Physics just for fun with an emphasis on astrophysics, and in my spare time, I read anything I can get my hands on. I love being the only female in my family, they treat me like a princess and I love all things “boy”! Like you, I have many struggles in life and need an outlet to vent, chat, discuss, and share my thoughts. Currently, I am battling serious health issues. Additionally, one son has Asperger’s Syndrome and the other has ADD. I have a lot on my plate and I warn you that at times this isn’t pretty. On the other hand, I have an irreverent sense of humor which helps me survive some of the toughest challenges of the day. Truthfully, this blog is mostly for me and for those friends and family who’ve requested that I keep them updated on the saga that is my health and “not-so-well” being. If, however, you are reading my posts and happen to find something that touches you or helps you feel connected and supported, wonderful, enjoy!

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to the world of Blogging… it is very cathartic and with a sense of humor it makes life just a little bit more bearable… Will be looking forward to your posts… :0)

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    • Thank you so very much for the nomination! I am very honored to be amongst bloggers such as yourself as we share our stories and gain strength from one another.

    • Dave,

      Thank you again for honoring me. It is always nice to know that my voice is being heard and I appreciate the recognition. I admire your strength and the thoughts that you share on your blog as well. I’m blessed to have you as a part of my bogging support network!


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