Rheumatoid Arthritis

Here is the RA link to my favorite site for explaining some of these things, the Mayo Clinic.

Click here to read my post about RA.

What does RA feel like you may ask? It hurts, plain and simple. Your joints are stiff and immoveable and they ache, constantly! For me, it feels like the joints in my hands and feet are being pressed between two boards until the pressure becomes pain. The inflammation is not confined to those joints either. It spreads through your body until you feel extreme fatigue. You’ll find that with auto-immune diseases fatigue is a common thread which means that, if like me you suffer from more than one, the fatigue is seriously debilitating. I feel achy all over, like I’m coming down with the flu, only I’m not really. The hardest part is that some days I can’t accomplish the most simple and mundane tasks like buckling my shoes, zipping my coat, or even doing my hair without feeling as if I’ve just run a marathon. At least if you run a marathon you get a nifty medal at the end and the feeling of self satisfaction that comes from a great accomplishment. The most I get from taking ten minutes to buckle my shoes is the knowledge that they won’t fall off while I hobble to my car.

9 thoughts on “Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. Hi, Stina, I stopped by to say thanks for following my blog, lanasingstheblues, but went on to read several of your posts. I’m so sorry for all your trials, physical and emotional. You have had so much to bear, and my prayers are with you. Coincidentally, I also have severe RA, had endometriosis about 30 years ago, and also have osteoporosis. I am very, very, fortunate in that (a lot) of medication is keeping my RA well-managed and under control. I remember too well my early days after diagnosis, experiencing just what you are describing. I didn’t get to a post indicating whether or not you are on, or have tried medications. I know many people are very frightened of them, and wanted to let you know that, for some people, they really do work. At present, I am almost ‘normal’, and treasure every minute this lasts. Good luck, blessings and healing to you Stina!

    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your prayers! I just started on Humira injections about 2 months ago. I blogged about that yesterday. I haven’t been on the injections long enough to see the benefits yet, but I am hopeful. I really enjoyed connecting with you through your blog! I gain strength from reading about others’ experiences. It gives me great hope to know that you have been able to get your RA to a place where it is well-managed. Thanks again for sharing your experiences both here and on your blog!

      • Hi, Stina, I wrote you along reply, and then I think I erased it! The gist of it was that I began on methotrexate, have been on Humira about 1 1/2 years, and added Plaquenil last summer. I’ve been feeling wonderful, for the most part, since then. I sincerely hope Humira does the trick for you, as I can remember what it was like to be suffering so much with those symptoms. Let us both hope a cure, or other new treatments are in the offing. Take care!

  2. “You’ll find that with auto-immune diseases fatigue is a common thread which means that, if like me you suffer from more than one, the fatigue is seriously debilitating.”
    AMEN! Sometimes my inner light just feels like a dim flicker and my mind is so ‘fuzzy’ that I hardly realize I haven’t showered in a couple days and the house is a disaster and the laundry has piled up….and then a week later I start to revitalize and feel terribly guilty that I’ve been “useless” for days or weeks (or months)….as a ‘housewife’/part-time student with no children, like, how can I not keep up with the simple day-to-day tasks? There were women in my classes who work full time, go to school full time, AND are single mothers–I consider it a good day if I go grocery shopping AND take a shower. It’s so HARD to accept that I have limitations–that sometimes my “best” is somebody else’s “worst”. So frustrating.

    • Oh how I hear you!!!! I get so frustrated with myself when I see other people who can seem to fit so much into their day when it is all I can do to get showered, like you said. That is also one of my big challenges, accepting my limitations. There is SO much I want to accomplish in life and it breaks my heart to have to walk away knowing that my body just won’t allow me to go there. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you found my blog! I feel like I can relate with what you say in so many ways!

      • Seriously, I’m moved to tears reading your blog! I strongly identify with you–your voice as a writer mirrors my inner dialogue (I don’t know how I come across in writing) and the things you discuss are very relevant to me–I just can’t even express how glad I am to have found you in the “blogiverse”.

  3. Greetings, enjoyed reading all of your blogs, it’s nice to not be alone. Wondering if any of you have stopped taking Humira for a bit and if so how you did. I am so concerned about the side effects, especially with the liver. Thoughts?

    • Hi! I am so very sorry it took so long to respond to you. Thank you for reading my blog, it is definitely nice to know we’re not alone in our cares and concerns. I stopped taking Humira awhile ago, it didn’t seem to be doing any good. They now have me on another biologic, Remicade. So far it does seem to be helping although we are having a more difficult time working out the correct dosage. I finally decided that it was better to try for relief from pain than worry too much about the side effects. I’ve been on biologics for about a year now and so far I haven’t suffered any major side effects. it can be a tough decision to make. Good luck to you!

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