Days 155 -159: “Sheet” Faced

Days 155 -159 S-366-LYDoG:

I love getting “sheet” faced. I really do. I mean, there is nothing like waking up from a truly deep, restorative sleep and feeling refreshed and ready to go. Typically this deep sleep, for me, is accompanied by a tell-tale string of dried up drool down my chin and a phenomenon I like to call “sheet” face. You might recognize someone with “sheet” face if you can still see the folds of their pillow case pressed into their cheek. These indentations while, not always attractive, at least indicate that someone has usually gotten a pretty good night’s sleep. Or, if you’re me, a really good nap.

Good Night SleepI know this is probably a little bit of laziness on my part but the last five days have been graced with such fantastic “sheet” face that I’m going to say that I’m grateful for it … times five! Oh truly, I am! These past five days of waking up with my own personal, temporary doily tattoo have been such a huge blessing. The fatigue I struggle with on a daily basis has subsided a bit and I’ve been basking in the added energy.

So, I hope I really get “sheet” faced tonight, you know, really just plastered. (Oh, I crack myself up.)


Day 154: Shenanigans

Day 154 S-366-SLYDoG

20160326_141833 (2)The great and powerful Head Shenaniganator to be known hereafter as H.S. That’s his name or, at least the name by which he shall be known here. Actually, I believe if he understood the meaning of the word shenanigans he would wholeheartedly embrace this nickname. This is my nephew who turned three yesterday  (the littlest one standing.)  Don’t let the tenderness of his age fool you either. He has a wickedly quick wit that astonishes me beyond words.

No literally … when he’s done with me I’m usually laughing so hard I’m in tears.

Once after dinner when he was just two, my brother was in process of the post dinner clean-up. The H.S. was a mess. He used to test the radius at which his food could be scattered about his high chair. My brother came from behind and asked him to raise his hand for washing. With a sly look and big grin the H.S. raised his foot instead and then promptly started giggling. Let’s just say he has developed his sense of humor quite young.

He is such a joy. Happy Birthday H.S.!


Aunt Stina

Days 149-153: Sunscreen, Can’t Forget the Suncscreen!

Days 149-153 S-366-LYDoG:

Another five days have come and gone despite my best efforts to stay caught up … with life … let alone this, self-inflicted, challenge.

Today is also my cute nephew’s birthday and I think he deserves his very own post. So, the goods on the great and powerful Head Shenaniganator will come tomorrow.

For now, I shall quickly list five “gratefuls” and head straight back to … ahem … I mean just straight to bed.

I am so thankful that school is almost out. The opportunity to run my day around my schedule and not the schedule set forth by the school district seems like heaven to me.

I am grateful for two lovely caring boys who are growing up much too quickly for my personal liking.

I realize this is a repeat but, it must be said again, I am so happy to have good books to read and the time to read them. I am currently reading four books which I find myself unable to put down so I just rotate between them chapter by chapter. Such fun!

I am thankful for my dog, Chaos, he will be sixteen this December and there are more days than not now that his legs aren’t working quite right. I know his days on earth are numbered and so I am thankful for whatever I can get.

BaconFinally, I am ever so glad that someone, somewhere invented sunscreen.

That’s all folks!


Days 144 – 148: Don’t Get Me Started

Days 144- 148 S-366-LYDoG

Too Legit to QuitI know, I know … five whole days and not a single word.

I bet you thought I’d finally given up.

Nope! Not yet anyway …

So now I’ve got to tell you about five days of thankfulness. These past five days have had their ups and downs and, I have to be honest, and say that there may or may not have been some moments when gratitude was the furthest thing from my mind. I’m not sure why, exactly, but I have had the most difficult time recovering from this last semester of school. I’m not really sure what I expected. I certainly, however, did not plan on spending the majority of these last few days in bed. I thought for sure I would have bounced back sooner than that. I should have known better though. I put my “all” into school so I shouldn’t be surprised that my body is exacting its price in return.

I guess I’ve been feeling pretty grumpy about that, which again in all honesty, is probably what has caused this delay in posting my “gratefuls.” I’ll be the first to admit that, when feeling grumpy, gratitude is the last thing I want to focus on. In fact I will do my best to find more reasons to be miserable and actively dispute any notion of thankfulness when this kind of sullenness is present.

“Oh woe is me!”

But, today has been a good day so far and so, I am plumb out of reasons to avoid thanksgiving.

Day 1: This was Monday. Oh boy, Monday was tough. I did however speak to a good friend who left me feeling as though life wasn’t all that bad. I am so grateful for friends who are willing to abide my irritability and help me see above the clouds.

Day 2: Tuesday I decided to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to attend a yoga class. This class is hosted by a professional yogi who provides a free weekly session for us moms who can’t get away or can’t afford to go to a studio. I am so thankful for her kindness and willingness to serve. It was the perfect way to start the day.

Day 3: Wednesday, don’t even get me started. For whatever reason this body decided that it didn’t want to stay awake. I have thought and thought about something to be grateful for on that day. Mostly, I felt frustrated. I had so much to do and had so many plans that were literally slept away. (Pun intended, dang it!) It was down right annoying. So, for Wednesday I’m going to say that I’m thankful that my kids were in school and that I was able to succumb to the fatigue. *grumble, grumble*

Expect NothingDay 4: Thursday was an absolutely beautiful day. I pulled out my lawn chair and rested with my dog in my lap all afternoon. I am so thankful I was able to enjoy the sunshine. (If you’re reading carefully you might be laughing at me right now … hang on!) Isn’t it ironic how one day the need to give in to the exhaustion is a bother and yet, somehow my outlook on life had shifted just enough that the following day it felt like luxury. Hmmm, something to ponder further, I suppose.


Day 5: It is Friday. ‘Nough said!!


Days 140 -143: What Floats Your Boat?

Days 140 – 143 S-366-LYDoG

It’s “Find Your Own Grateful” time. To recap, occasionally I’ll post photos that I have or that I’ve taken that represent things that I’m grateful for. I hope as you look through these that you are reminded of things that you are thankful for. You are also invited to share your gratitude in the comments if you so choose … or not. Whatever floats your boat!

Day 1



Day 2

20160517_212225 (2)

Day 3


Day 4

1987 6a