Days 160 – 187: Playing Catch-Up

Days 160 – 187 S-366-LYDoG

Never Too LateYou probably thought I’d finally given up on this hair-brained idea.

To be honest, so had I. Apparently, I can’t let well enough alone and I figured this year’s worth of gratitude was important enough to me that I didn’t want to abandon it after all.

My silence, in a way, was born out of having nothing to say and too much to say all at once. Often at the end of the day I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. My health took a bit of a nose dive in the past twenty some odd days but, on the other hand miracles were happening in other ways. I considered sharing some of those but I think I’d rather hold them close to the vest for now.

I think the best way to proceed to is to simply offer you a list catching you up on some of the “gratefuls” I have experienced since I last wrote.

Here goes, I believe I technically owe you 28:

  1. I am thankful for two lovely, wonderful sons who love me unconditionally and certainly more than I deserve.
  2. I am thankful for good friends who keep me sane.
  3. I am thankful for laughter.
  4. I have wonderful and wise parents who are striving to wrap their heads around my ever changing life-circumstances.
  5. My dog, who will be sixteen in December, is still here. I know that he fights for life on my behalf. I think he senses that I would be a little more than lost without him.
  6. I am so glad that it is summer, the warm weather is good for both my body and my soul.
  7. I have some pretty darn cute sandals that I get to flaunt all summer long … if I do say so myself.
  8. I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to read some fun summer books.
  9. I love the pool. ‘nough said!
  10. I’m glad that I don’t live somewhere humid and hot. The heat is plenty, thank you very much.
  11. Sunscreen … I have recently been reminded of the importance of a good sunscreen.
  12. I am so very thankful for a good doctor who will listen to my concerns and spend  more than ample time answering questions.
  13. I truly have a great family who is invested in my well being and happiness.
  14. think that we might all say we have the best nieces and nephews. Nope! Uh-huh, mine are the best!
  15. To that end I missed blogging about my oldest niece on her birthday. She gets a line here but, rest assured, I shall be dedicating a blog all to her in the near future. She deserves it and so much more. She’s really a great kid.
  16. I am moving out of my parent’s home and into a place of my own. (That about sums that one up.)
  17. I am all at once elated and terrified about the idea of life on my own given my unique health challenges in combination with single motherhood. In the end, I am grateful for the opportunity and circumstances that will allow me to spread my wings.
  18. I’m thankful for my hats. I really, really love my hats this summer.
  19. I’m so glad that I get to be a big “band geek” in these later years. I play flute with the concert band in my local city. These people, especially my fellow “fluties”, are my favorite part of being in the band. That, and the chance to play some really cool music.
  20. I’ve been spending time teaching my boys about poverty and the awareness I feel we could all use in regards to our fellow man. It has been an interesting journey opening their eyes to just how blessed we are and it has reminded me of the same.
  21. I love the diversity of this world. I love that we are not all born with the same thoughts, cloned over and over again with “vanilla” personalities abounding. No, we are much more unique and infinitely valuable in that uniqueness.
  22. I lost part of the nail on my big toe. That’s finally growing back. That’s pretty darn cool.
  23. I was at the pool the other day and suffice it to say, I am ever so thankful for clothing … just clothing. (Um yeah …)
  24. I’m thankful for people who are willing to look beyond the “cover of the book” to discover what my lies beneath, good and bad.
  25. I’m so, so happy that there are people who are generous and kind, again and again without hesitation or reservation.
  26. I’m finding that I can live with used “stuff.” Not everything need be brand new so I’m glad that there are people willing to depart with their gently used items and allow me the privilege of future ownership.
  27. I’m so thankful for people with integrity.
  28. Certainly not least and I hope not last, I m thankful for the great and wonderful blessings that I am afforded in this life. I am far too pessimistic at times especially when I become entrenched in troubles of health. When I peel away at the hurt and frustration I find underneath a feeling of utter astonishment at all I have to be truly thankful for.

May you find more gratitude in your daily journey,


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