Days 155 -159: “Sheet” Faced

Days 155 -159 S-366-LYDoG:

I love getting “sheet” faced. I really do. I mean, there is nothing like waking up from a truly deep, restorative sleep and feeling refreshed and ready to go. Typically this deep sleep, for me, is accompanied by a tell-tale string of dried up drool down my chin and a phenomenon I like to call “sheet” face. You might recognize someone with “sheet” face if you can still see the folds of their pillow case pressed into their cheek. These indentations while, not always attractive, at least indicate that someone has usually gotten a pretty good night’s sleep. Or, if you’re me, a really good nap.

Good Night SleepI know this is probably a little bit of laziness on my part but the last five days have been graced with such fantastic “sheet” face that I’m going to say that I’m grateful for it … times five! Oh truly, I am! These past five days of waking up with my own personal, temporary doily tattoo have been such a huge blessing. The fatigue I struggle with on a daily basis has subsided a bit and I’ve been basking in the added energy.

So, I hope I really get “sheet” faced tonight, you know, really just plastered. (Oh, I crack myself up.)


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