Day 154: Shenanigans

Day 154 S-366-SLYDoG

20160326_141833 (2)The great and powerful Head Shenaniganator to be known hereafter as H.S. That’s his name or, at least the name by which he shall be known here. Actually, I believe if he understood the meaning of the word shenanigans he would wholeheartedly embrace this nickname. This is my nephew who turned three yesterday  (the littlest one standing.)  Don’t let the tenderness of his age fool you either. He has a wickedly quick wit that astonishes me beyond words.

No literally … when he’s done with me I’m usually laughing so hard I’m in tears.

Once after dinner when he was just two, my brother was in process of the post dinner clean-up. The H.S. was a mess. He used to test the radius at which his food could be scattered about his high chair. My brother came from behind and asked him to raise his hand for washing. With a sly look and big grin the H.S. raised his foot instead and then promptly started giggling. Let’s just say he has developed his sense of humor quite young.

He is such a joy. Happy Birthday H.S.!


Aunt Stina

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