Days 149-153: Sunscreen, Can’t Forget the Suncscreen!

Days 149-153 S-366-LYDoG:

Another five days have come and gone despite my best efforts to stay caught up … with life … let alone this, self-inflicted, challenge.

Today is also my cute nephew’s birthday and I think he deserves his very own post. So, the goods on the great and powerful Head Shenaniganator will come tomorrow.

For now, I shall quickly list five “gratefuls” and head straight back to … ahem … I mean just straight to bed.

I am so thankful that school is almost out. The opportunity to run my day around my schedule and not the schedule set forth by the school district seems like heaven to me.

I am grateful for two lovely caring boys who are growing up much too quickly for my personal liking.

I realize this is a repeat but, it must be said again, I am so happy to have good books to read and the time to read them. I am currently reading four books which I find myself unable to put down so I just rotate between them chapter by chapter. Such fun!

I am thankful for my dog, Chaos, he will be sixteen this December and there are more days than not now that his legs aren’t working quite right. I know his days on earth are numbered and so I am thankful for whatever I can get.

BaconFinally, I am ever so glad that someone, somewhere invented sunscreen.

That’s all folks!


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