Days 132 – 135: Sarcasm, Showering, and What-Not

Days 132 – 135 S-366-LYDoG:

Seriously people … I don’t know what is wrong with me. I had all of these plans and ideas in my head about how I was going to catch up on life after finals. I was sure that I would feel so relieved that energy would abound and I would be able to take care of all of the things I’d been allowing to fall by the wayside during those last few weeks of school.

Uuuhhhh …


I have felt like a slug every morning since. I can’t seem to rally my faculties, let alone my bodily movements to do much other than get up, brush my teeth and then retreat again to the pillows. Sure, I’ve been to the odd doctor appointments here and there, or I’ve attempted a good swim in the pool. Once. In the last two weeks ago.

I feel rather pathetic. I really do. I was hoping that a good house scrubbing might happen today but alas, the siren call of the covers on my bed is proving to be too strong. At least I am moving my fingers over the keyboard of my laptop which is a vast improvement over the past few days. I’ll take it!

Sarcastic.jpg(I hope that you are hearing, or rather, reading the sarcasm and humor in all of this as it is quite difficult to read it into the text. I fear lest I am coming across as a pitiful creature, maybe I am but, let’s have a chuckle about it, shall we?)

So, here are four days of “gratefuls”. I considered adding a fifth just for good measure in case my fingers decline their services tomorrow but, I’m afraid my brain has also been turned to mush and I only had the presence of my mind for four.

Hot ShowerDay 1: Last week my dermatologist wanted to take some skin samples, do some testing, you know, the usual.It turned into quite an extensive mess on my back and I was told that I could not shower until further notice. Now, normally I’d be jumping up and down at the idea that I have permission to be a hot mess since showering wears me out; however, after what turned out to be 5 days and lots of itches I couldn’t scratch back there, I was dying to hop in. So, I am thankful for my shower. The hot water that never fell short of my marathon post-procedure shower, the soap, the shampooing and, yes the nap that followed, were all pure bliss! Don’t worry friends and neighbors, I have been pronounced clean.

Summer MomDay 2: I am thankful that my kids are still in school. Normally, I would classify myself as a “summer mom”. I loathe the scripted days of having to have my kids somewhere by a specific time, working on homework, and having to manage their school lives in addition to my own. However, since I’ve been “recovering” from my own schooling, I find that the freedom to stay in bed all day is a luxury that is sure to end soon. While I am enjoying this, hopefully short era, I am also truly longing for the hazy, lazy days of summer. In the mean time, thank goodness for the public school system!


Day 3: I am thankful for Netflix.

There. I said it …

I have been binge watching The Gilmore Girls whilst lolling about in bed. I know it’s silly but, there you have it.

Finally, Day 4: A picture of my best friend of almost sixteen long years now insisting that I stay put. (That’s me bum he’s atop, by the way, don’t judge!)






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