Days 127 – 129: Momma

Days 127-129 S-366-LYDOG:

1-1972I’m three days behind but, telling the many women who have touched my life how thankful I am is worth much more than 3 measly days. Especially when it comes to my own mother. For now, I’ll settle for three days but, don’t be surprised if the subject pops up again in my “gratefuls” series.

I am the woman I am today because of my mother, I hope that makes her proud. I would like the world to see me and think, “Wow, she must have a really great mom.”

I do, in case you were wondering.





I liked posting photographs so much the other day that I thought I might share a few that invoke some feelings and memories I have of my mother.


Picture of Grandma France003




I also added some photos of these two beauties, my grandmothers. I hope these help you remember the women who have touched your lives and what they mean to you.






1976 16

Momma, thanks for all you have done, all you continue to do, and all you will do in the future despite my best efforts to dissuade you. You have loved me through thick and thin and back again (literally and figuratively). I hope you realize just how very much you are loved, not just by those of us who call you mom, but by all those who know you.




1980 5 Christina's 4th birthday.jpg


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