Days 122 through 126: Well Then …

Days 122 – 126 S-366-LYDoG:

It’s over!!

The nightmare of finals is finally over!!

OK, fine … only for now seeing as I plan to be in school until I’m practically dead.

Oh but still! I feel as if I might want to do a jig … oh wait … nope, no, definitely no jigs. I think I feel a nap coming on instead.

That is obviously today’s “grateful.”

“But what about the other days,” you say?

20160502_071217.jpgI’m getting there, give a moment to catch my breath, will you?

A thought occurred to me the other night whilst studying. I know, the irony of having a thought while studying is not lost on me. ‘Tis true though, I did indeed have a moment of enlightenment. I decided that every now and again I am going to post a photo I’ve taken representing something that I am grateful for that day. Here is the trick, I won’t be telling you why or what about the scene has me feeling full to the brim with thankfulness. Instead, I have a job for you. I want you to look at the picture and use it to find your own “grateful” for that day.

“Huh,” you say?

So many questions from you today … Sheesh, let me explain.

20160429_153716.jpgIf I post a picture of my son, for example like the one you see here; I hope that something about that photograph will bring to your mind a person, place, experience, time in your life etc … that you are grateful for. It could be that this picture reminds you of your own kids, or maybe you recall a childhood memory from days gone by, or possibly you find that the look of the street reminds you of summer days to come and you are full of joy and gratitude at the sight.

It could be anything. There is not right or wrong answer and I promise there will be no quiz.

So, here are five pictures for the five days of absence. Look them over and reply in the comments, if you so choose, with your own grateful thought, or keep it safe in your heart where it will bring peace and joy to your day.



Toodles, *yaawwwnnn* I’m falling asleep as I type ….Must. Catch. Up. On. Sleeeee …





1989 7 50th anniversary Dec. 18, 1939.jpg


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