Day 117: You Light Up Our Lives

Day 117 S-366-LYDoG:

Mr Rogers Quote.jpgThis week is teacher appreciation week and it led my mind to ponder on all of the wonderful, amazing people that I have met because of Sean’s diagnosis. He has some truly spectacular people in his corner both at school and in our community. He has been ever so fortunate with the teachers he has been given at school. He has worked with some really great coaches in our community sports programs. He has learned from stellar speech and occupational therapists. His pediatrician is a tremendous blessing in our lives. We have friends and neighbors who root for him and his success. These are the “everyday heroes” that have touched our lives.

I could literally go on and on and on!

The punch line is this; I have the privilege to meet and work with outstanding professionals who care about Sean and his progress. I also have the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with some amazing people in my community who also have invested themselves, in part, to Sean’s success. I know that, in some cases, this may be an individual’s job, so to speak, but they don’t act like it. They treat Sean with so much caring and concern you’d think he was their child as well and, in a way, I suppose he is. I am continually impressed with the ability that Sean has to work his way into the hearts of those who know him and work with him.

Were it not for Sean’s struggles I would have no idea that these marvelous people even existed. They wouldn’t even be on my radar and I would be missing out on the opportunity to be blessed by their efforts. It is my unique privilege to hand Sean over to these individuals who help shape and mold the awesome person that he is.

They are my lifeline when it comes to helping both Sean and I learn and grow through his struggles. If not for their dedication Sean would not be where he is today.

I offer a humbly inadequate yet, heartfelt thank you from this Aspie’s momma. Not to sound cliche or anything but “You light up our lives!”


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