Day 108 and 109: Bound to Happen

Day 108 and 109 S-366-LYDoG:


It was bound to happen. I finally had a day where I was too sick to post my “grateful.” I realize nobody is perfect but, I really thought I would be the one to say that I hadn’t missed a single day.

Better Late Than Never.jpgWell … OK … I guess I can do two days in one. Better late than never, right?

Yesterday, during church, I got a sudden and acute migraine. I thought I was going to pass out while leading the congregation in song. I don’t think anybody noticed until afterward when I was being as conspicuous as an elephant with all of the goings on around me. I’m not complaining, though, because I was surrounded by friends, angels really, who were so quick to help me. I finally had to close my eyes because the vertigo was so bad that all I know from yesterday is a blur of voices. Some I recognized, others I don’t, but all willing to come to my aid. That is my grateful for yesterday. I know that it is a step aside from my month-long autism awareness “gratefuls” but I cannot let all of the care and attention I received go unnoticed.

I was supposed to lead a choir practice later and a lovely friend took over that for me. I had arms around me helping me into and out of a car. I had a nurse and a doctor at my side giving me their full attention. A sweet neighbor took charge over my children without even being asked. The organist gathered my things from the rostrum for me as I literally stumbled out in the middle of the meeting. My bishop was at my side. There were brethren who blessed me and ushered the crowd out of the opposite doors of the chapel. A dear friend led the congregation in the closing number on my behalf. A wonderfully sweet sister held my head and stroked my hair. My brother and his wife who fed us all dinner. There were too, too many acts of service and kindness and I’m sure I’ve missed someone. I apologize for those I missed and I thank you now.

It was a rough day and yet made so much easier by the love I felt from God through your hands.

I am feeling a little better today. I think my body has had enough for the time being. I’ve been pushing to get myself through spring semester and this body of mine finally held up its giant stop sign. I’m trying desperately to listen and yet still be a single mother, whose parents are out of town, and study for finals, with kids’ sports and activitities, my own responsibilities, doctor appointments etc …

For today though, my gratitude is that it wasn’t worse and that I’m up and dressed. I even made it to class, though, I think that is about all I’ll be able to handle tonight.

Love to you all!



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