Day 107: Music To My Ears

Day 107 S-366-LYDoG

Sean loves music, swaying to the beat, hearing the different instruments … I started him on piano about a year ago and he’s really taken to the learning process. He takes it very seriously, adding it into his routine. Recently he started playing the violin (what)?!?

I know!!!

Music.jpgIn case you’re wondering, I’ve played woodwind instruments, primarily the flute, for roughly 32 years now. When I asked if he’d like to learn an instrument other than piano, I was envisioning something like the clarinet or saxophone … or at least something that I can remotely relate to …

Nope, violin. Can’t help him there. When I attempt to play it in order to show him something I sound worse than he does. I’m proud of him, though, for wanting to learn. Like the piano, he takes it very seriously.

When he was a baby I wondered if learning any instrument would be a possibility. Asperger’s makes him very sensitive to noise. As a child any noise that was out of the ordinary or even the seemingly mundane would scare him so badly he would almost faint. His reaction to his environment is so visceral because of his sensory input. His body is hypersensitive so everything sounds 100 times louder than it really is. It was tough at first because he had a hard time communicating so I never knew half the time what exactly was disturbing him unless it was loud to me as well.

He has made significant progress with the help of occupational therapists. We have also worked for years on desensitizing him to regular household noises that used to scare the pants off of him. (Poor thing … ) So, the fact that he is learning to play a musical instrument, in my mind, is nothing short of miraculous!

Music is such a big part of my life and I am so grateful that he is able to make it a part of his as well.

Way to go buddy!

Mom (Stina)

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