Day 106: Figuratively Speaking

Day 106 S-366-LYDoG

Figuratively speaking …


Sean is hilarious. Aspie’s are very, very literal thinkers. They struggle with figurative language and phrases. Sayings such as, “It’s raining cats and dogs” or, “pinching my pennies” and even, “I just changed my mind” often trip Sean up. I know that he isn’t meaning to be so funny. At least he’s good-natured about the giggles that usually ensue after he attempts to either use or explain such expressions.

The last turn of phrase I mentioned caught me off guard when he was little. I took it for granted that he would understand what it meant when I said “I’ve changed my mind.”

One morning, as we were eating breakfast, he reached his hand up to his forehead and proceeded to “unzip” his head from ear to ear. Then he lifted his “lid” reached into his open head and pulled something out. He put it on the counter then picked up a different imaginary something from his other side and put it into his open head. Then he zipped it shut and proudly declared, “Mom, I’ve changed my mind about the kind of cereal I would like for breakfast … ” Needless to say there may have been juice coming out of my nose at that point. Just sayin’!

Another evening, while at dinner with my parents, he was obsessing over the cake which was meant for dessert. I kept trying to put him off but he wouldn’t have it. Finally my dad asked if he had “cake on his brain.” He looked absolutely shocked for a moment. Then, he jumped up, ran to the bathroom, and proceeded to shout, “Nope! False alarm everyone, I do not have cake on my brain.” Of course we were laughing when he returned to the table. After explaining it to him he looked at me for minute and then started chuckling while saying, “why would he ask me that?”

I am so grateful for his unintended sense of humor. Like I said yesterday, being his mother is often highly entertaining!


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