Day 105: Just Plain Fun

Day 105 S-366-LYDoG

Creativity and Genius

Another long day as I prepare for the final weeks of the semester but, no excuses. I’ve come this far without missing a day so here goes.

Today’s grateful, a continuation of Autism Awareness Month, is about Sean’s ability to focus. This can be a good and a bad thing. At times I can’t get him to redirect at all and that can be a challenge. At other times, however, he is able to hone in on a specific task until it is complete. Not only is he able to do complicated tasks on his own because of this ability but, he also does them exceedingly well. This gives him a measure of pride which, I think, is important. In so many areas of his life he struggles with self-confidence because he knows he is awkward or can’t make things work to his advantage. But, when it comes to something like building roller coasters out of his K’nex or creating them on Minecraft, he is literally a genius!

I asked him the other day what he’d like to be when he grows up. His answers have been very entertaining over the years. For instance, he originally planned a mission to Mars during which he would build the first ever off-world pizza parlor. Then he mentioned something about being a train engineer (this was during a particularly long Thomas the Tank Engine phase.) His most recent answer was a mechanical engineer because they build roller coasters.

How cool is that?!?

He’s got several planned complete with drawings and opening dates in the 2030’s. All he needs is an amusement park.

Sometimes being his mom comes with unique challenges but, sometimes, it is just plain fun!



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