Day 102: My Brother, My Friend

Day 102 S-366-LYDoG:


My boys are the best of friends. It is surprising, really, considering their extreme differences. My oldest, who has Asperger’s, is very black and white, follows the rules, doesn’t like noise or other environmental disturbances … his motor runs on a specific schedule which he struggles with when interrupted.

My youngest, on the other hand, has ADHD and is the exact opposite in almost every way. he bends the rules … a lot! He thrives on routine but, he fights it every step of the way preferring spontaneity over a scheduled life-plan. He is carefree and loves noise in all of its forms. His own personal nirvana is a room full of hustle bustle, shouts and yells, toys blaring from all directions …

As their mother, I wonder how two such very different boys aren’t tearing each other’s hair out every other minute. They do have their moments but, for the most part, I hardly hear a thing outside of giggles and fun coming from the playroom. They share friends, clothes, sports and more without nary a complaint. In fact, I think that without realizing it they fulfill a need for each other. In their own naturally different ways of being, they have formed a symbiotic relationship that is beautiful.

Alex helps Sean relax and enjoy life. He teaches him that lightening won’t strike if you bend the rules here and there. He helps him make friends and socialize. Sean helps Alex remember to stay out of too much trouble. He helps him plan out his play so that, instead of getting frustrated over complicated Lego sets or their train tracks, they work together, Sean planning and Alex building.

20140821_083008 (2).jpg

I am one lucky mom, I they were sent to strengthen, bless, and teach me more than I them. I am so grateful for their relationship, they tell me they are best friends for life.



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