Day 101: Extreme Obedience

Day 101 S-366-LYDoG:

In a return to Autism Awareness Month, I am going to tell you another thing about Sean that causes me great joy and gratitude. He is, always has been, and, I hope, always will be the most obedient boy I’ve ever known. I think we mothers can agree this is a huge blessing. Kids are hard, especially when they need extra help navigating life. Kids with Asperger’s are notoriously black and white thinkers. They are often referred to as little “policeman” because they are rule keepers and enforcers. If I give Sean a rule he will not only follow it to the letter, he will make sure that everyone else follows it as well.

I’ve gotten myself into trouble before when I haven’t been careful about the rules and regulations I lay out. We’ve had many discussions about what it means to “bend” the rules or how sometimes you need to follow them but, sometimes it is appropriate to ignore them. It is hard to explain the subtle nuances of this concept that neurologically typical people take for granted.

On the other hand, his extremely obedient nature has saved both he and I in many instances as well. It certainly helps him out at school and with his brother. He even reminds me to be better about following rules. (I have been known to speed from time to time, which drives him nuts.)

Now, I know there are mothers out there who are convinced they are raising “snow flakes”.

You know the type, their little darlings can do no wrong … Especially when their little darlings seem more like little devils to everyone else.

You Little Rebel.jpgTrust me, I’m not that way. In fact I’ve been known to encourage Sean to get into trouble now and again. *shhh, don’t tell*

However, I’ll take extreme obedience over open rebellion any day.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind knocking on wood. I have yet to traverse the pitfalls of his teenage years. Hopefully, if I cross my fingers, toes, and possibly my eyes for the next several years, he’ll remain my obedient boy.


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