Day 98: Unabashedly Honest

Day 98 S-366-LYDoG:

Honesty.jpgAsperger’s makes you honest, sometimes brutally so, I might add. It doesn’t matter whether or not social graces call for a “little white lie” or  not, Sean is always honest. I know that it can make some people uncomfortable because he says it like it is but, I admire that quality about him. I like it so much, I’m actually having a hard time teaching him to walk the knife’s edge of social acceptability in what you say but still remain honest.

I like that after practicing a particularly difficult passage on my flute he is not ashamed to say, “Mom, you should practice that more.” *chuckle*

… and yet, he still manages to sound loving when he does it. Don’t ask me how, I have yet to master that skill.




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