Day 95: I’m a Nice Person

Day 95 S-366-LYDoG:


Today I am very grateful for Sean’s kindness. Having Asperger’s, he may not always have empathy but, he has learned to be kind. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his entire body.

Not. A.  Single. One.

In fact, the mere idea of being unkind to anyone is so foreign to him, that he is truly devastated when someone is mean or unkind to him.

A few years ago, as Sean was getting out of our neighborhood swimming pool, he was stung by a bee. I can remember clearly his reaction being  one of both physical and emotional pain. He kept saying to me that a bee had come to say hello and then stabbed him. I explained that the bee had stung him to which he responded with giant tears on the brim of his eye, “Why would it ever want to do that to me? I’m a nice person!”

Oh, my heart just broke for him. He truly couldn’t fathom why anything or anyone would ever want to cause him harm.

I’ll tell you what, after that we had some pretty lengthy and involved “stranger danger” conversations … I so wish that I could always promise that the world and everyone in it would be kind to him instead.

Oh, that we might all show each other the kindness born of innocence a little more often.



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