Day 88: When In Doubt, Pray It Out

Day 88 S-366-LYDoG:

Our Prayers Make A Difference

I am working furiously on preparing for my physics exam tomorrow so this will be brief. After such a beautiful day yesterday and all of the wonderful feelings of gratitude and love I was feeling, today seemed like such a let down. I woke feeling sluggish, probably from candy consumption, and the weather had turned from sunny blue skies to snow.

I thought I’d never find a reason for gratitude today. Even as the day progressed I became more and more frustrated and frantic. Finishing up the last bit of homework due before the test took much more time than I anticipated, then I opened my practice test and … ugh, nothing seemed familiar.

I had nothing left to my disposal but good, hard prayer. I’ll tell you what, it worked! After that point I wouldn’t say my day totally turned around but, it did enough that the next time I looked at the practice exam, things made much more sense.

I am so grateful that prayer works.



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