Day 86: My Cup Is Full

Day 86 S-366-LYDoG:

My Cup Runneth Over.jpg

They say that generally in life you “get back what you put in.” I’ve found this to be true in many circumstances, work, play, school etc … The efforts we are willing to make do often dictate the return we receive on our investment whether it be time, money, friendship and so on.

There is one time, though, that I’ve found this law to be a bit backward. For instance, I have many friends in my life, thank goodness, who are willing to put so much more into me than I am able to give in return. I am so busy with life these days that I often find myself overlooking those who are most important to me. Not on purpose, mind you, only by nature of the beast my life has morphed into.

Tonight, I find myself very grateful for friends and family who continue to invest their time and love into me, the big black hole. I haven’t always been this way and hopefully the time will come when I can turn things back around.

Until then, thank you all so much for giving to me when I can’t give back; loving me during hard times and when loving me is just plain hard, and standing by my side even when I seem surrounded by a storm. I couldn’t do it without you!


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