Day 81: Inquiring Mind

Day 81 S-366-LYDoG:

Today is my nephew, Mr Inquiring Mind, birthday. That’s him in the purple with his arm around Alex. They are the best of buds!

20151129_172459 (2).jpg

His nickname comes of his love, nay obsession, with asking non-stop questions. Right now his obsession is trains and he’ll talk until he’s blue in the face about them. Fast, ones, slow ones, diesel ones, remote control ones … You get the picture. This is moving up in the world considering the better part of his life thus far has been about his obsession with garage doors. I imagine one day that this little man will be putting his sharp young mind to good use. I cannot wait to see what he will accomplish as he grows.

I think in Heaven before we came, he and I made an agreement about how much energy we’d have in life. I imagine this is where most of my energy has gone. He’s got enough to fuel several small towns. It’s likely that I did this in order to annoy my little brother but, I think I’ve affected his poor momma just as much. He’s also much, much too smart for his own good which makes for a great combination.

He asks questions endlessly and seems to always have something to say which can be both good and bad.

I, personally, love it … most of the time.

I think one of my favorite memories of him is when he was follow me around the house saying this and asking that without so much as a breath in between until I finally thought myself going mad. A brilliant idea hit me in that moment and I turned the tables on him, asking him question after question while chasing him around the house until I was out of breath myself. I imitated him in this manner until finally he turned on his heel and promptly started running away from me out into the front yard yelling, “Aunt Stina, stop that, it’s annoying me!” After which, we fell on a pile in the grass giggling uncontrollably.

Best conversation ever!

I truly love this little guy. I am so blessed to be is Aunt. He has his challenges, as do we all but, I know that he will conquer them and probably his mom and dad, too in the process.

Happy Birthday Mr Inquiring Minds Conductor, big hugs and kisses!


A. Stina

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