Day 77: All is Swell

Day 77 S-366-LYDoG:

IMG_20140503_152832 (2)

My oldest has had the flu since last Saturday. And, to be clear, by the flu I mean every definition of the flu from runny nose, achy body with a terrifying cough to throwing up and everything in between. Of course I’d taken him to the Dr but today just got a little overwhelming.

I had hoped we were past the worst of the stomach issues, he hadn’t thrown up since early yesterday morning. Tonight, though, he wasn’t just throwing up, he was doubled over in pain hardly able to move.

So, to the ER we went.

We are home now, all is well. He just has a really, really nasty case of the flu virus. Poor kiddo.

Today’s gratitude is a simple one. I am so glad he’s all right.


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