Day 75: Golden Opportunities

Day 75 S-366-LYDoG:

Have you ever had to reinvent your life?

I know, you are laughing with incredulity at my question … not because you haven’t had to but, more likely, because you have; many, many times.

The hardest part for me isn’t the actual reinvention, it is the step that comes before that. The re-envisioning of life can be downright painful. Am I right? I’m sure we’ve all been through those moments in life when it hits you; life is most definitely not turning out how you imagined it would. It is probable that this has happened many times in your life, depending on your age and circumstances.

Of course my latest re-envision is a jumble of healthy and unhealthy expectations with a dash of divorce. Let’s get real people, this is no fun. I know that there must be others who can relate. It is excruciating to do this when, what we thought was a good life-plan, gets turned on its head and inside out and we’re left with the empty bag wondering how to refill it and with what.

Unless …

There are times in life when re-envisioning can be a good thing. We might not see it that way to begin with, or maybe we do. Either way, it can be the opportunity we needed but never really knew that we wanted. This is today’s “grateful.” I am so thankful for the opportunity to re-envision and reinvent my wheel. It seems that I am called upon often to do so and I might as well choose to enjoy the experiences that come with it.

Don't stay stuck.jpgFor instance, if you would have asked me a few years ago what I wanted to be when I grew up, I think the answer might have been very different than what has actually transpired. It has come with some growing pains, for sure, and I’ve acquired many scars along the way … but I can say that I have grown tremendously for the better. I am grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given to change aspects of my character that needed changing; to renew my lease on life over and over; and yes, even to reinvent my wheel and the wheelhouse that it resides in.

I believe that golden opportunities might not always appear golden at first. Sometimes, they require some polishing but, in the end, they will become worth more than their proverbial “weight” if we let them.



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