Day 74: Deciding What to Wear

Day 74 S-366-LYDoG:

Today was the first day of my spring break. I feel like I was bustin’ out a move when I decided to get ambitious with my laundry.

Woo hoo! I washed the coats today. Ironically then, it snowed. That’s spring in UT for you. It’s like a big guessing game for about a month and half as to what in the world to send your kids to school in. I always get it wrong.

Friday? Warm as could be, made them wear long sleeves and long pants with their jackets.

winging itToday? It snows so I send them to school with short sleeves and light jackets then wash their winter coats for storage.

Ah well.

Instead of being bugged by the snow I decided to try to find a reason to be grateful for it …

… truthfully I gave up on that after about a minute.

So, now what was I going to do about my daily grateful? Well, I decided to look at it this way. I’m very, very grateful that this is probably one of the last snows of the season. I’m extremely grateful for the water which we so desperately need. I’m thankful that spring is still on its way.

Oh, and I’m ever so grateful that, at least, I had the good sense not to send my kids to school in shorts. Oh my!




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