Day 61: I’m Thankful For … SQUIRREL!

Day 61 S-366-LYDoG:

Tired of underwear and responsibilities

*Sigh* Was that loud enough? I’ll sigh louder, I want to make sure it is heard round the world.


It’s not necessarily a bad sigh, nor is it a good one. I think it is just one of those big sighs that leak out when life seems overwhelming. I just finished a Physics exam which felt grueling, not because it was altogether difficult, it was just really involved. Then, of course, I have that instructor who likes to use her tests as a platform for curve balls. I’m positive I got the last one wrong. I always seem to sort those out once I’ve left the stressful environment of the testing center. Sometimes I don’t think tests are a good gauge of what the student knows so much as how well the student is able to take test.

So … *sigh*

You know what? I feel better already. In fact I feel like writing about my gratitude for the day. I feel like its OK to vent once in a while. I get tired of the idea that you can only ever be grateful to feel better. I honestly feel better after I vent sometimes. So, I apologize if you’re not the venting type but, that felt pretty darn good.

Today I’m grateful for a little down time after that test. I am woefully behind in my calculus homework, having set it aside to study for this test.

Who cares?!?

I certainly don’t today. I feel like I’ve earned a few hours of R&R. Look at me, it is only Tuesday and I’m already done in for the week. Oh how in the world am I ever going to last through the rest of school? I’ll tell you how, because I feel the end goal spurring me on.

When I visited the campus of the University I’m transferring to a few weeks ago, I think I mentioned how excited I was to have some direction. That is still true and I’ll hold onto that thought on days like today when the idea of picking up my pencil feels akin to lifting 100 lbs.

Ooops, got side tracked from my gratitude. Sorry about that. I think I have post Physics test ADD syndrome. I’m reminding myself of my youngest son!

Ok, back to being thankful for taking a little rest. I’ve decided that the practice of pushing through the pain, or slogging through a difficult day is highly overrated. I’m beginning to feel as though I’ll probably be more productive if I just take a step back for the afternoon. I’m just grateful for the luxury of being able to do so. That isn’t always the case so I’m going to take advantage of this rarity of life and stare aimlessly at the television or something along those lines.

Well, wish me luck for the rest of the week. This one already feels like it’ll be a doozie. I’m off to give more love to my television than it deserves.


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