Day 60: Such A Lucky Momma

Day 60 S-366-LYDoG:

20151015_103835Can I just be thankful that Monday is over?

Is that fair?

I’m not sure what is going on with my Monday’s these past few weeks. They’ve been exceptionally trying … even for a Monday.

I’d like to blame it on early morning orchestra practice for my oldest. Too bad I don’t have the heart to tell him I can’t do it.

Actually, I think my kids are extremely patient with me. Unfortunately hear, “I’m sorry kiddo, I’m not up to that today,” a lot. They are both such good boys about it, though. There is usually very little, if any complaining.

Oh, there it is. I knew if I sat here long enough I would find a positive for my day. I am so incredibly grateful for my two boys who, all things considered (I mean boys will be boys), are so very good and patient. I feel like I call on them often to forgo wanted activities or help their poor momma out. They never say no, they always do their best and I can trust them to do the right thing. I know I am a very lucky woman and lest you think that I toot my own horn you should know they were born this way. It has nothing to do with me, I promise. I’m fairly certain that I got two little angels with cute freckles all rolled up in sweet little packages.

I may be singing a different tune when they’re teenagers but, for now? I’ll take it!


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