Day 58: I Conquered … um… The Laundry!

Day 58 S-366-LYDoG:

Changing the world_funny.jpg

Today was a long one but, a productive one … and I like that. I’m thankful for those days when I can feel really productive. It is difficult when you suffer from health problems to be able to find that balance between productivity and overdoing it. Sometimes it feels like doing your hair is overdoing it, sometimes taking a shower is too much and yet other days you wake up and feel like you could conquer the world.

The tricky part is knowing that if, you do indeed conquer the world, there will be hell to pay for some time to come.

Oh but it feels so good to feel good! It is terribly difficult to resist the urge to run like the wind when you wake up feeling good, all things considered. Today I felt like I could’ve run five miles, gone grocery shopping, done my hair, my makeup and maybe even showered but, instead, I settled for being marginally productive. There was a time that this would not have been enough for me. Now? Oh, it was plenty and I’m thrilled!

No laughing because I realize that some of you might read this and wonder how I can see this as productive but here’s what I was able to do today.

I got out of bed. Huge accomplishment sometimes!

I brushed my teeth and got dressed (skipped the shower, sorry world for any smell I may have wafted your way.) Oh, well, yay me …

I did one load of laundry. Wahoo!

And… I studied. It might not seem like much but, I’m on cloud nine.

I was so happy to be able to do even just a little bit of laundry today and not feel like it took everything I had to do it that I celebrated with a Milky Way candy bar. (Oh, alright! I admit that my muffin top is now made of candy bars and nutella, shhh, don’t tell.)

Even more exciting? Tomorrow is Sunday, my favorite day of the week. I’m so excited I can hardly contain … nope, wait; laundry was enough excitement for one day. *yawn*



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