Day 56: Flaunt Your Flaws!

Day 56 S-366-LYDoG:


Kazu Letokyolte

Flaws. Everyone has them. I guarantee we all face things that we don’t like about ourselves. For instance, I’m really good at squishing myself into skinny jeans that hide my blubber. I’m sure there is some eye rolling as I say that, but I really do have it, I just know how to tuck it in really well. I mean, I get those things up and then push and squeeze the top of that muffin right back down in there, all safe and sound where no one can see, no one can judge.

I was thinking today though, where did the idea come from that we must only be perfect in the eyes of the world? Our hair must always look just so, our makeup should be put on just right and heaven forbid if we have a moment of weakness in public and inhale spoonfuls of Nutella. Um yeah, I’ve been known to do that on a really bad day. Of course, I typically do that in the safety of my closet where no one can see me crying into the giant Costco sized tub but, believe me, my muffin top is made out of pure Nutella.

I understand the need to keep things private, I certainly wouldn’t want to walk around without any pants on at all even though some days those dang pants are more trouble than they’re worth. Let’s be real though, no one wants to see someone without their pants on in public. I’m more curious as to why the world only wants to see our perfection, or percieved perfection. That’s all it is anyway, is perception. Trust me, no one is perfect, no one has the perfect life that you think they do, no one has it all put together 100 % of the time. If they think they do, then they’re delusional which is worse than having a few imperfections anyway.

Why do I bring this up? I think it’s because today I’m grateful for my flaws. All of them. The emotional flaws, the physical imperfections … everything. And, lest you see me as delusional, there is some method to this madness.I see my flaws as a road map of sorts. Some of them, like my scars, tell a story of the battle I wage to stay alive. Others like my fat thighs and muffin top speak of a genetic heritage that I should be proud to wear. My mental and emotional failings show the route to a better me. Without this map I’d just be floundering through life, looking for purpose and direction.

So flaunt your flaws, maybe not all of them, I promise I still plan on  wearing pants in public and save my Nutella for the closet, but everything else speaks of character both gained and to be earned. Flaws are fantastic, acknowledge them, embrace them, then let them guide you to a better you.


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