Day 48: Opposites

Day 48 S-366-LYDoG:

Oh, don’t you just love that feeling when you’ve been sick for days and you finally wake up one morning sensing that the proverbial corner has been turned?!?

I know I do!


Sunrise over Lake Abaya ~ David Stanley via

Why is it that we tend to notice the warmth of the sun more fully only after it has been absent. I’ve often wondered why life is wired this way, full of opposites that we are completely unaware of until we feel them. I’ve asked myself why we can’t just learn what everything feels like without having to go through the pain or loss of knowing what the absence of that “something” means.

Here is my conclusion. This is the “world according to Stina” so hold on, it is likely it won’t make any sense. I think it is because we need to learn to really appreciate the blessings in life. We might be able to feel them and understand them but, I don’t think we truly appreciate them until they are gone. I’m sure this is all part of God’s grand design for us and I think I understand. Whether or not I like it is another thing entirely but, I think I understand …

Actually, I can’t really say that I don’t like the discomfort because without it I’d surely miss this feeling of “ahhhhh” finally, relief. Relief, for which, I am very grateful.



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