Day 45: I Am My Own Valentine

Day 45 S-366-LYDoG:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am happy to announce that I am my own valentine! I’ve decided that I’m the best date I’ve ever had. I took myself out with my boys last night for dinner at the mall and a visit to the Lego store for the boys (and for me too, I honestly love that stuff)! I even bought myself something special from Victoria’s Secret. (Don’t get too excited, it was just my favorite perfume …)

The best part about today isn’t the love fest though, it’s because the Sabbath is upon us again. You all know how much I love this day. A day to recharge my mental, physical, and spiritual batteries. It is hard to feel like you’ve done that when you’re feeling under the weather as I am today but, I still feel grateful for the opportunity to relax and catch up to myself.

This next week is meant to be a “take it easy” week. I think I mentioned that I’ve been going to a pain management center to learn how to live with chronic pain. It has been a very enlightening experience so far. I meet with a psychologist who specializes in chronic pain management. At first, I wasn’t sure I was in the mood to hear anyone try to tell me “it’s all in your head.” Luckily, he does nothing of the sort. He’s been very helpful, giving me realistic tips and tricks that I can turn to for coping mechanisms.

Last week he talked to me about the rhythm that our bodies operate through. We talked about a lot of complicated science behind the theory and how our different stress hormones work on this schedule but, I won’t bore you the details. Let me see if I can sum it up.

Apparently we all run on cycles that last about 3 weeks where our body can manage the demand we place on it. Most often we push right through the following week and keep right on going until our immune system puts up a stop sign and we screech to a halt with a cold or some other such ailment. My psychologist said that in order to maintain a healthy balance he recommends taking that 4th week and doing the “bare minimum.” Essentially live life with no extra appointments, if you’re going to workout, take it easy etc. Basically, don’t drop everything but do only what must be done to keep life manageable.

Now, he said that my body, with its struggles, is probably on a 1 to 2 week schedule but that I could still probably benefit from this type of cycle just with a “resting week” every 2nd or 3rd week.

I’m kind of excited to try it, and why not? I’m already sick anyway so I might as well back off as much as I can.

I TriedPlus I feel a Crohn’s flare coming on and, not to be gross but, I’ll probably make friends with every bathroom I come across for the next little while. Maybe I can use this all as an excuse to do nothing with my hair. Could be good for me, maybe bad for everyone who sees me? Oh well, that’s what the messy bun is for, right?!?

You’re now probably wondering what this all has to do with being grateful.

Whelp! For one, I’m thankful for the resources I now have at my disposal from the pain clinic. I’m thankful that I was still able to go to church today to recharge for my “resting week.” And, I’m thankful for my two boys who are willing to take care of this sick momma.


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