Day 41: Give Me Some Space!

Day 41 S-366-LYDoG:

Today was a long one but, oh, such a good one! A friend and I attended a lecture this evening featuring Astronaut, Commander Mark Kelly with a prerecorded video of his brother, Commander Scott Kelly, who is currently on the International Space Station. What a great way to end the day! He answered questions about space exploration past and present, the importance of the future of the space program, and his experiences living on the space station.


It was fascinating especially for a big astrophysics nerd like myself. Oh, if only I were younger I’d be looking forward to possibly going to Mars. He said that some of the younger children in the audience might very well be the first man or woman to set foot on the red planet.

Can you even imagine?

He talked about the studies that are being done on himself and Scott that will help us understand more about the effects that living in space over extended periods of time can have on the body. I was fascinated to learn of the already documented changes that they have seen with the increased radiation exposure to astronauts. Because of this radiation have already discovered that degeneration of the optic nerve occurs in 30% (I believe he said) of the men but none in any of the women who’ve lived in space.

Girl power!

Tonight I’m thankful for this unique experience and for the pioneering spirit of mankind. I’m thankful for those who’ve gone before and those who have yet to go exploring. Maybe, just maybe, in my own small way, I might one day contribute to the future of man’s time in space.



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