Day 40: Good Looking Gravy

Day 40 S-366-LYDoG:


Akasha Kataruka via

If you’re a math nerd like I am, than you have probably encountered a few instructors or professors who, quite frankly, have absolutely no business teaching mathematics. Some, I may even argue, shouldn’t be allowed out in public but, that part isn’t their fault. I think sometimes nerds just struggle that way. I feel totally comfortable saying that because I myself am a nerd and I know for a fact that there are times when my “nerdiness” gets in the way of my ability to be publicly acceptable.

I digress …

My point is this. Starting clear back in elementary school, my math skills suffered at the hands of teachers who were unable to pass on mathematical knowledge in a way that “stuck.” My interest and confidence in mathematics only came later when I took my first online math courses for college. When you take online courses it is largely dependent on you to learn the materials on your own and, for whatever reason, I found myself to be the best math teacher I’d ever had. That isn’t to say I was a good teacher, just that I found being self-taught suited me just fine.

Needless to say that when I realized I was quickly approaching a time when online math courses would no longer be an option, I was very nervous about how I would adapt. Would it be a repeat of my earlier experiences where I spent hours in high school wanting to gouge out my own eyeballs over a few measly homework problems? Oh heaven forbid!

But today I feel inclined to share just how grateful I am for my current professor. I am taking multivariate calculus and it is not offered online, for obvious reasons. I actually think I’d be insane to attempt it if it were but, I experienced some extreme trepidation about what my professor was going to be like.

He. Is. Awesome!

Not only am I learning a great deal from him but, I am having a fantastic time doing it. He is dynamic and communicates the subject manner in a very down-to-earth, easy-going way that makes the math seem clear as a bell.

Well … most of the time. I mean, really people, this is multivariate calculus we’re talking about here.

He really is a great teacher. What’s more, he is really easy on the eyes.

Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying it so much?

Oh, who cares! I’m so grateful for a professor who can actually teach that the rest is gravy, good looking gravy, but gravy all the same! *wink wink*



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