Day 32: Oh Snow, Why Must You Plague Me So?

Day 32 S-366-LYDoG:


I cannot tell you how much I hate snow. I really struggle with it all winter long. Obviously, I live in the wrong state. Utah having boasted the “greatest snow on earth” for a few decades now. I mean, I live near one of the cities that has hosted the Winter Olympics, for Pete’s sake!

What am I thinking?

Best not to delve into that too deeply actually. I try not to ask myself that question, it only leads to trouble …

If I had to choose my favorite season it would be summer, with spring coming in a close second. My body is not fond of the cold, it functions much more properly in warm weather. I can think of nothing better than to sit with a good book poolside, occasionally taking a dip in the cool water. Now all I see is snow and more snow.

However, in the spirit of gratitude I’ve decided that I’m grateful for snow. I must admit, though, that the only way I can accomplish this is to imagine all of the swimming pools this lovely snow will fill when melted in the spring. Maybe I’m missing the point of gratitude here.

Or … maybe I’m not. After all, isn’t true gratitude learning to find peace in the moment knowing that the reward comes after the trial? Not to make the snow any “deeper” by adding my deep thoughts, that is.

I’m grateful for the swimming pool sized pile of snow pile residing on my street just waiting to fulfill my summer time happiness.


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