Day 27: Wait … You Say Patience Is a Virtue?

Day 27 S-366-LYDoG:

I knew this journey was going to be difficult, however, having an idea that something will be hard and actually experiencing it first hand are two different things. I committed to this gratitude log knowing that, while challenging at times, it would hope

Inner Peace


fully help me have a more positive outlook on life.

It has only been 27 days … and I promised I would be honest so … I’m still waiting.

You can imagine me chuckling to myself here. Patience is a virtue of which I am obviously sorely lacking.

Yet, it has been good for me to find just one thing each day. If nothing else, it reminds me that life could be worse. That probably sounds absolutely terrible considering my goal in starting this, but the truth is the truth.

What can I say? I am a work in progress, aren’t we all?

Today I’m grateful for the people in my life who are an example of that ever elusive quality of patience in all things. I have many examples to choose from. Many dear and loving friends and family members who are experiencing trials and hardships that make mine positively pasty white in comparison.

I will keep their names to myself because, unlike me, they don’t complain in public and I’d like to honor their privacy. What I will tell you, though, is that I admire the stamina and faith they show in the face of, what some may call, great grief and misery. Here I am, moaning and groaning on my “so called” daily gratitude blog and yet they remain stalwart and strong, an example of holding fast to hope and faith through insurmountable odds.

They are my heroes, every one. I want to be like them when I finally decide to grow up.


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