Day 26: Glad That’s Over!

Day 26 S-366-LYDoG:


I’m so glad that’s over. My test, the first Physics II test of the semester, is past and gone.

How’d I do?

Well, your guess is as good as mine. I had this same instructor last semester and she is that instructor.

You know the one … the one that hands you a test that, no matter how well you did on the assignments, no matter how much you studied the material, and despite the fact that you have test notes with almost all of the equations you’ll need on it … you still say to yourself, “WHAT THE?!?!?”

Yeah, she’s that instructor. I really have a hard time with instructors who like to twist and manipulate problems on the test so that, although they may cover the same concept, you spend most of your allotted testing time trying to figure out how to apply what you know to the all-together unfamiliar beast of a problem in front of you.

So … today I am so grateful that there’s one less test in that class to struggle through!

Now to study for tomorrow’s exam …


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