Day 24: Stolen Moments

Day 24 S-366-LYDoG:


In my church I have the privilege of leading our congreration in song each Sunday. During our main meeting we sing 3 or 4 songs during which I stand at the ready to invite the congregation to lift their voices in praise. In between the songs I remain on the rostrum sitting quietly behind the piano and organ. From this vantage point I am afforded a small glimpse into the lives of my friends. I enjoy seeing their faces range from one emotion to the next as they listen to the speakers and react.

Often the glimpses I see are humorous as I watch families dealing with children making noise, as they often do. Somtimes I chuckle at the frustration of a mother who can’t settle her restless two-year old. I don’t laugh at them, mind you, but I can’t help but remember when I was in their shoes … and be thankful that I’m no longer there.

My favorite moments are those that are tender and sweet. A husband encircling his wife in his arms. A mother cuddling a child close and kissing that child’s head. A teenage son in a rare moment of gratitude squeezing his mother’s hand in a gesture that sets that mother’s face a glow.

I love watching the range of humanity before me, all of which seems to stem from feelings of love and affection. I watch and wonder at the undercurrents in their lives. I ponder on the beauty of that husband’s love, the endless struggles of a mother’s affections, the glow of a mother basking in the seemingly fleeting adoration of her teenager. I wonder what people see when they watch me up on the stand. They are most likely oblivious to me and my observations. I guess you could call me the “worship service stalker.” I stalk in the most respectful way, though.

All of these stolen moments give me hope in the goodness of mankind. With all that seems to be going wrong around us, it is beautiful to watch these stolen moments of kindness and affection.


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