Day 19: You can call me “Freckles”

Day 19 S-366-LYDoG: Freckles!

20160119_133113 (2)I know it probably seems like a silly thing to be grateful for but I’m feeling kind of silly today so here goes …

I am grateful for freckles! I actually miss mine just a little bit. Such a tragedy of adulthood, growing out of one’s freckles. I knew that other kids hated theirs but I really didn’t mind mine. Mine only came in the summer and then they disappeared in winter altogether. In my mind that made them seem mysterious. Almost as if when they appeared they each had a story to tell of the fun adventures I’d been having.

One freckle might speak to that time I jumped on the trampoline with all of my friends then slept out under the stars on top of it. Yet another freckle would tell you of the day I spent at the pool with my cousins. Oh the stories my freckles could have shared.

Alas, now they are gone. They have passed on with my golden childhood leaving me wishing that being an adult weren’t such a pain.

Now I am grateful for the freckles on my boys’ faces which speak to the memories that we make together. Oh how I love those freckles.



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