Day 15: Flop Like A Fish

Day 15 S-366-LYDoG: I’m so grateful for swimming pools!

20160114_122053 1Yep, that unflattering picture is of me all geared up to go for a swim. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your eyes but, if you’ll stop trying to gouge them out for a moment, I’ll tell you just why I’m so thankful for swimming pools. (And, yes, I haven’t removed my makeup yet, I do have some self-respect you silly!)

For those of you who are regular readers, you will remember that a little over two years ago I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis in both hip joints. As a result I had to have a bilateral core decompression done on my hips which you can read more about here.

After that ordeal my orthopedic surgeon suggested that I take up swimming as a more “joint friendly” way to exercise. I used to be a runner and, yes, I am definitely one of those crazy people who misses running like… well, like crazy. At first I struggled tremendously with the idea of giving up my daily runs. I’ve always loved the water and am a fairly good swimmer but, I wasn’t interested in swimming as a form of exercise; I was afraid it would ruin the “fun” of it for me.

I am happy to report that the truth has proven quite the contrary. I love it. Whatever you do, though, don’t mistake me for an actual swimmer. What I do typically resembles a flopping fish rather than a graceful dolphin but, I don’t care, I’m having fun! My love of water has only increased the more I swim. My favorite part is the weightlessness, there is nothing like it when my body is hurting. It is the best way to, quite literally, take a load off!

Seeing as the only exercise I can do now because of the pain is either swimming or yoga, it is no wonder that I have developed an appreciation for swimming pools. It doesn’t hurt that I live a short two-minute drive away from a very nice one either.

I am a very lucky girl, indeed!

And now that I’ve gotten this swim cap on nice and tight, I’m off to flop like a fish!



2 thoughts on “Day 15: Flop Like A Fish

  1. So glad that you like swimming and are able to go! I used to swim for cross-training twice a week. I hated every minute of it. BUT it’s so great for the cardiovascular system, as I’m sure you know. Cute pic!

    • You are awesome! I love that you used to swim. I can definitely tell that I’m more winded if I haven’t been even for a few days. Thanks for reading, and the compliment. 🙂

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