Day 14: Nieces Are Nifty

Da4 14 S-366-LYDoG:

Nieces are nifty! I have three to be exact, whom I love with all of my heart. When they’re in the room my heart skips a beat in a dance of pure joy.

20150525_181157Today is this cute girl’s birthday. So of course, what better way to say I love you, than to write about her in my daily gratitude blog.

This bright ray of sunshine, I’ll call her Princess Dainty Puff (to protect the innocent, of course), is the most girly girl you will ever meet. I mean, she is as girly as they come. As a mom living in “boy town” this is so fascinating and fun for me. I’m constantly hearing belching, raspberries and breaking up wrestling fights, and those are just the activities that I’m involved in. There is so much more “boy” going on behind the scenes but, it’s really not fit for public consumption.

Then I see this little one and my soul suddenly remembers how fun girls can be. She’s like a perfect little porcelain doll. She’s soft spoken, dainty, is already a really great dancer and loves the colors pink and purple. One of my favorite memories of her is as follows:

Imagine this beauty sitting on her dad’s lap. She is waving her imaginary wand around his face in big circles, clearly thinking about what charm to grant her daddy. As she waves, the circles get bigger and bigger and bigger until… POOF! She taps him on the nose and declares him “the most handsomest prince who, by the way, needs to take her potty now.”

I just adore being her aunt, what a privilege it is to know her and love her. I have a feeling this little Princess Dainty Puff is going to do amazing things when she grows up. I cannot wait to see her life unfold.

Love you and Happy Birthday Princess Dainty Puff!

Aunt Stina


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