Day 13: Here a Little, There a Little

Day 13 S-366-LYDoG:

Now that school has resumed I feel like my life is full of “here a little, there a little” moments. For instance, I am currently sitting at the student center typing this blog in between classes. It is interesting to be living the student lifestyle while nearing my 40’s, to be sure. I am surrounded by “kids”, for lack of a better term, and I think I am probably the only one on the phone checking on my insurance benefits for the chronic pain center while writing a blog, and composing an email to my son’s teacher. Most everyone else seems to be involved in study groups, doing homework, and I think I even caught one playing video games on his phone.

Hey, I’m not judging because I know what it feels like to need to numb my brain out from the constant, daily “white noise” of life.

Time FliesI may not be getting a ton done in these few stolen moments, other than a quick phone call and people watching but, I am grateful for the brief respite from the hustle and bustle. When I originally put together my schedule for this semester I was frustrated that I had so many breaks in between classes. I thought I preferred hammering them all out back to back. This would provide me with large chunks of time to work on my homework rather than in piecemeal fashion. Often my homework can be complicated and it can be difficult to accomplish bit by bit. However, as I’m discovering my new rhythm, I’ve decided I really like the pauses in between.

I’ve started to use these to do the quick things that I usually put off because I’m trying to take advantage of the longer periods of time for more involved matters. This is a good thing considering I am finally making that appointment with the sleep-wake center to address my insomnia. Go figure, tomorrow I’ll probably be so caught up I can actually use this time to take a nap or maybe… just maybe, I’ll join that guy over there in some mind-numbing video games.

On second thought, ‘prolly not.



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