Day 11: “May the ‘Mass Times Acceleration’ Be With You”

Day 11 S-366-LYDoG:


My best friend the scientific calculator!

Good afternoon all!

Nope, that didn’t help, it’s still Monday. I thought if I cheerily greeted everyone my Monday “blahs” would go away.

Sadly, no.

What I am excited about is the fact that school starts again today. Ah, Spring semester; for the first few weeks it will be fun and exciting, then it will be boring, and then it will be downright stressful as finals approach.

So, today I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that I’m still excited for a new semester to start and tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity I have to attend college. Not everyone has this opportunity, especially approaching the age of… ahem 25… No? Well, fine; let’s just say that I some of the people I’m in school with now could call me mom.

Still, I know that it is a great blessing and a privilege to be able to attend college. The thing that keeps me going is my major. I’m working toward a degree in Physics with an emphasis on Astronomy. It is so much fun, and if that makes me a geeky nerd, then so be it because I do truly love it.


PS – Bonus points if you chuckled at the title; welcome to nerd club where we don’t use our fists, just our physics. Ha!



2 thoughts on “Day 11: “May the ‘Mass Times Acceleration’ Be With You”

  1. Oh my. You’re bringing back memories. In college, I took Physics for Society (a wrong move for any English major), thinking it would be “interesting.” Interesting, yes. Understandable to me, no:). Have all the respect in the world for the science-minded!

    • Ha ha. Would you believe it if I told you that I originally started as an English Major and then switched to physics. Yep, got a few strange looks from school counselors and professors for that one. Not sure I’m science-minded but, sometimes you just have to follow your passion.

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