Day 2: “A Sleepless Night is a Blessing in Deep, Deep Disguise”

Day two of “S-366-LYDoG” (sorry had to abbreviate, I don’t have the energy to type out the words for the next 365 days.) If you’re new here, follow the link, it explains things… mostly…

So here we are at day two and I told you I might be complaining a bit first. I haven’t slept a full night in… Oh, who knows how long now. It is exasperating. It has become so distressing that around 9 o’clock each evening I start to panic. My heart starts pounding, my chest feels tight and I get antsy just thinking about what the night will hold in store for me. I’ve become so sleep deprived that I can fall asleep anywhere at the drop of a hat.

Except, of course, in my bed!

It’s been killing me; I feel like I can hardly function.

Funny Insomnia_Penguins have kneesThe reasons for my sleeplessness range from not being able to quiet my overly chatty brain to being in various amounts of pain that prevent me from finding a comfortable position.

So, for day 2 I’ve decided to do something totally off center. Are you ready?

I’m determined to be thankful for my sleepless nights!

What? Why, for Pete’s sake?!?!? (I imagine you saying.)

Well, I’ve put some serious thought into this. During my sleepless nights I am often praying. Praying for help in silencing my mind and relief from the pain. The longer I pray though, the more I begin to converse with my Father in Heaven about anything and everything that comes to mind. I have found that a good way to overcome the frustrations of lack of sleep is to talk with Him about my life, the good and the bad.

It doesn’t stop there though, often through those prayers I find solutions to the stresses and worries of life. Those quiet hours of the night are often the only time I have to really think and ponder my way through a problem. If I were asleep those problems would probably only manifest as a nightmare, and who needs those? (Not me apparently.)

The final reason I am thankful for a sleepless night? It really, really helps me appreciate those nights here and there when I do get a full night’s rest. Those nights feel like I’ve finally scratched an itch I haven’t been able to reach and guess what… I don’t appreciate those nights nearly as much as I do when I haven’t slept in ages. (I know you think I’m being snarky or sarcastic, but I’m not! I promise!)

Am I right?

So shout out to all of my fellow insomniacs. There’s a reason to be grateful for no sleep. Really, there is! I’m pretty sure that by appreciating the sleepless nights I’ll be able to overcome that exasperating anxiety that comes on each evening as well. Who knows, maybe through this new found outlook I’ll actually be able to relax enough to sleep again anyway and by all accounts I call that a “win, win!”

Sleepless nights here I come; you don’t scare me anymore because I’m grateful for you in my own strange and twisted way. Ha!


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